Creative Beauty with Intense Puppy

Last Friday I had the pleasure of working along side Ray James (Intense Puppy) for a creative beauty / avant garde shoot. We had worked together previously on a ‘high fashion meets zombie’ type project whereby I was the model transformed into the undead!

However on this occasion, I collaborated with Ray behind the camera and created a look that made me want to squeal like a little piglet in a mudbath… or something to that effect.

Our Model for the day, was Brighton based model Bryony. She is fairly new to the modelling scene but has already participated in a number of beauty shoots. Her look was great for this concept and I had a lot of fun bringing my vision to life.

Quick backstage shots taken at the end of the shoot. Unfortunately I didn’t have time to take photos prior to shooting and the make-up had smudged a little. I did a quick touch up so I could take a few sneaky snappies. Apologies for it not being perfect! 🙂

This look was inspired by some amazing high fashion work I have come across recently. The ‘whited out’ look has become extremely popular in a number of genres and is a look I’ve been wanting to create for some time.

Ray shot a majority of the images using a film camera. So in the mean time I will wait patiently (well as patiently as I can manage!) for the film to be developed. I can’t wait to see the results! I will add them to my blog as soon as I receive a copy of the scanned images.

So for now… stay tuned :p


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