Testing with Chesterfield Hector and Paulo Ribeiro MGMT

Last thursday I had a test shoot with Chesterfield Hector, a fantastic fashion photographer whom I had worked with previously on a test shoot with ModelUnion.  This time we had some stunning models from Paulo Ribeiro Management.

The shoot itself ran very smoothly, which isn’t always the case when you are working with several models on one day! Our first model for the day was Molly; a stunning new model with the most gorgeous, long blonde hair (which is also natural).  For Molly, I wanted to focus on her natural beauty by giving her a peachy, radiant look. I also exaggerated her eyes slightly by using my Barry M eye pencil in White on the waterline.


Inspiration for Molly’s look. I used a very similar colour scheme but drew more attention to the eyes with white eye liner.

Our next model to arrive was Scarlett (Sophie), a beautiful strawberry blonde with the cutest features. Now signed with PRM, Scarlett was previously signed with another agency and already has experience in fashion industry. We started with a very natural look for Scarlett, again highlighting her natural beauty. Once we started shooting and saw her personality and styling… we realised that she needed a slightly more dramatic look by creating colour based (purple and pink) smokey eyes. These colours worked so well with her skin tone. It gave the look another dimension while still retaining the natural, dewy style.


These images are similar to Scarlett’s two looks; natural beauty and purple smokey eyes. 

Finally… our last model for the day was Amelia, another newly signed gem for PRM. Amelia’s posing ability stems from her catwalk and fashion background. Her pale complexion and dark features gives her a strong look and I wanted to play on this. I created smokey bronze / brown  eyes using two Barry M dazzle dust pots. I also gave her corel / pink lips and peachy cheeks to put some colour back into her face.


(above;left) Similar eye make-up for Amelia’s look using brown / bronze tones. (above;right) similar lips (corel / pink,  less intense) and peachy / pink cheeks.

For a full list of products used for all these looks, please contact me directly… don’t worry… I don’t bite!

All in all I had an enjoyable day working with these models and look forward to viewing  the images. Stay tuned for the results!


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