The Perfect Brows

As we all know, eyebrows can be a real pain in the backside! Forever debating how large or small they should be, the shape that corresponds with the natural shape of the brow bone and those annoying little strays that come back with a vengeance…. so, we finally have our eyebrows looking more or less how we would like them to width wise… but how can we define the shape and fill the spaces?

Here’s a few tips to help you get the shape you want!

Once you have the general curved shape after plucking your brows or having them threaded, depending on the type of hair you have you may want to give them a little more definition.

Soft Natural Brows

To retain the natural look of the brow, I recommend using a eye brow cake and a soft, thin angled brush. Illamasqua do a fantastic range of eye brow cakes in various shades, try and match it as closely as possible to your natural brow colour. When using the eye brow cake, dip your brush in very lightly and dab excess off on to your hand to avoid a heavy consistency. Lightly brush from the base of the brow outwards, following the shape of the brow. Remember, you are not covering the entire brow… you are filling in the spaced areas very lightly to make the brows look fuller. To define the point, sweep the brush round the curve with a slight, soft  flick at the end; this will stop the end of the brow looking blocky. Otherwise, you look like you have just dragged a crayon along your face and got distracted.


If you can’t live without your pencil, try using a soft eye brow pencil to fill areas… ensure you purchase one as close as humanly possible to your brows others when you fill them in, the difference will be noticeable.

If the pencil is sharp when you first purchase it or has gotten too blunt to use and had to be sharpened, run it over the back of your hand to dull it down a little. You don’t want the point to be too sharp otherwise the lines again will be noticeable.  Also ensure, you go over some of the eye brow hair as well to help blend it all in. If required, clean up with a cotton bud.

Sharp Bold Brows

For a more high fashion look, try using the eye brow cake mixed with a   sealing gel (a number of companies have their own versions). Sealing gel turns powders into liquids and gives it a much a stronger consistency. Also be sure to use a small, firm angled brush to get clean, defined lines. Use the same technique as above for the base of your eye brows. I find its easier to define the shape by drawing in the lines for the base if you would like it to be sharp and straight. Alternatively, if you would like them to be curved at the base, then create the shape with very small semi circular strokes and continue the strokes across the brow from the base outwards. Now dip your cake covered brush brisles into the sealing gel, dab off any excess and continue the strokes towards the high arch in the brow and round to the edge using the same flick technique. If you aren’t happy with the points of the brows, you can always clean them up with a cotton bud and some eye make up remover. It’s important to make sure there is no separation between the first half and second half of the brow so make sure you go over the centre to blend in the two together if needed.


If you prefer using pencils or would like to save some pounds yet still get this look, you use use an eye brow pencil. Namely, the Rimmel eye brow pencils tend to be pretty good. Again, ensure you get the colour closest to your eye brows. Use a similar small stroking technique but ensure that the pencil remains sharp to get the precise, clean look.


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