High Fashion / Creative Beauty project… results!

I have to say… I love it when a shoot comes together nicely. After a lot of planning, emailing back and forth and conceptualising, we made this shoot happen and brought our ideas to life. Personally, I am pleased with the results as it is more or less what I envisioned and reflects a standard that I am looking to maintain.

I used a number of products to create the two looks; the products include brands such as Illamasqua, MAC, Bobbi Brown, Barry M, Make Up Store and Stargazer. For an exact product list, please contact me.

Studio Session-086webStudio Session-069web

Look 1 – Rachael aka Black Lotus

I wanted this look to make a statement… bold blocky shapes were a feature in the outfit design so naturally I wanted the make-up to be equally as eye catching. I felt this outfit would be perfect for an avant garde / high fashion look.  I used a fair amount of highlighting and contouring to bring the angular look together. A dusty band of silver and white glitter swept across the eyes for a futuristic look, though I didn’t want it to over power the rest of the make-up so I used powder products to achieve this. As you can see, the lips became larger then life! I used a black lipstick by Stargazer to get this glossy, colour intense finish. I spent a little time creating the shape I wanted for the lips,  massively exaggerating Rachael’s natural lip line.

Studio Session-152webStudio Session-157webStudio Session-101web

Look 2 – Mina Renoir

For me, this look was about bringing a vintage pin up style and updating beyond the present. I love creating doll-like  looks so naturally I couldn’t help but create one here. As Rachael’s look was more minimalist in colour, I wanted to ensure this had an explosion of colours on the eyes. I kept the lips fairly neutral as I didn’t want this look to be too outlandish and to draw attention away from the eyes. I used a lip gloss by Make Up Store to give a rose tint to the lips. I used white, yellow, red and orange pigments on the eyes blending the colours so it looks almost like a natural progression through the colour chart. I used a baby pink pigment to add a subtle splash of colour to Mina’s cheeks and the sides of her forehead.

After working with a fantastic team of creatives, it’s made me more determined to push my work creatively and to storyboard some original concepts.


Photography: Nirupam Biswas

Retouch: Anima Retouch

Models: Mina Renoir & Black Lotus (Spirit Model MGMT)

MUA: Jux-a-Pose

Clothing Designer / Stylist : Jessica Hammond

Jewellery Designer: Timea Talian Design

© Second Eye Photography 2012


One thought on “High Fashion / Creative Beauty project… results!

  1. You’re make-up with these fashion models are amazing. You are such a creative person.

    Say, I wrote you an email through your question contact. Check your email. By the way…are you single?

    I just posted a new blog…just thought I let you know if you feel like checking it out.


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