A message for the holidays…

IMG_2142webWell it seems the time has come upon us once again, where we share some quality time with family, friends and all those we hold dear to us (well not always). Christmas can be a trying time; with all the presents that need purchasing or creating and the fear that you may be missing someone out, desperately trying to avoid the holiday traffic only to find that you hit a gridlock due to an accident and organising get togethers where someone’s drunken antics get them noticed negatively,  but despite it all there always seems to a general feeling of mustered cheer and hope for a positive new year.

Though my perception of christmas has altered over the years, there’s always one thing that seems to remain true… Christmas gives people the opportunity to show their appreciation of others. Whether you are spending it with friends, family, partner or all the above… its a time where people want to be close to their loved ones.  Is this because for decades we have been conditioned to believe that this is the time to show love to one and another?  Or is it because people genuinely get excited for the public holidays and have been waiting for the opportunity to show such appreciation?  Either way, if it produces a positive outcome, surely it can’t be a bad thing?

Anyho, enough ramblings from me… I just want to say to you all that however you choose to spend or celebrate the festive period… I wish you all a very happy holiday 🙂

Photo: Marco Vallentin

MUA: Jux-a-Pose

Model: Demari Vi Syth

Latex: DeMask 


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