March shoot with Brian Brown

A couple of weeks ago I had a booking with fashion photographer Brian Brown. Brian is based in Dover, Kent and has extensive photographic experience in commercial, beauty, fashion and glamour photography. It was great to finally come together and create a set that depicts styles that have developed over the decades.

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Fresh Feature!


So over the past couple of weeks my brain has been pondering on how I expand my blog and incorporate more of a community feel within it. I remembered when I ran a feature section for GAD (Greg Allen Design’s) old website. It was a great way to showcase upcoming and established creatives within the industry who are making waves.

Want to be featured?

To create your feature I will need the following:

A short bio (max 100 words)

Answers to a short questionnaire for the Q&A section

Images of your work

Links to your social networking sites, portfolios, website etc.

To get your feature live on the blog email 

I will also be featuring MUA’s so to the talented make-up artists and body painters out there… don’t be shy… throw your work at me! (Not literally please, I do like having my head somewhat in tact!)

Get the look… Purple & Blue Smoke

Colour infused smokey eyes have been a favourite ‘night time’ look for me for quite a while now. I find by mixing it up, you can keep the look fresh and captivating. The trick here is to build the look by using a number of eyeshadows and blending them together.


Also ensure you use a good eye lid primer, it is crucial to have a good base to work with to avoid cracks in the shadow. It will also make blending easier.

Tip: Use a lengthening mascara to separate the lashes and to add length then apply a volumising mascara to add width and drama. Ensure you use a small amount of each product to avoid clotting lumps of mascara between lashes. If you do get any use a lash comb to carefully brush it out.

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Hollywood in 2013

My next project was a personal one that I have been meaning to do for some time. I wanted to create a modern take on ‘hollywood glamour’ which has become increasingly popular since the 1920’s. The statement looks of Marilyn Monroe, Grace Jones, Audrey Hepburn, just to name a few, have laid a solid gold path in the beauty and fashion industries as to what is deemed beautiful in Western Culture. I like to experiment and draw inspiration from various cultures at different points in history;  this will be the first of many blogs that documents said work.

IMG_2570FULLMore often then not, when presented with an iconic image of such stars, I really liked the sharpness of the eye liner, the soft natural tones on the eye lid and crease as well as colour intense lips. These simple elements make up looks that have lasted decades on the big screen and have soon found their way into the high street.

Products (Left): Illamasqua Matt Finish primer; L’oreal Lume Magique Satin Primer; Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion in Greed; Illamasqua Rich Fluid Foundation in 233; MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Powder in Medium; Blush Professional Eyeshadow Palette; Barry M Dazzle Dust in Gold, Bronze & Rust; MAC Khol Eye Liner in Smoulder; Sleek Eau La La Liner in Nut Cracker; Maxfactor 2000 calories eye liner in Black; Maybelline Dream Touch Blush in Berry; Illamasqua Lipstick in Encounter; Barry M Glossy Tube in Pink Sparkle.

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Get the look… Winter Pastels

20121201_791web     I loved creating this look for an agency test with Chesterfield Hector and Paulo Ribeiro  management.

For a natural, fresh faced winter look I decided to use some pale pastel colours to avoid overpowering the look.

A dewy base was created to give that natural skin effect with extra radiance.

  The trick to this look is using a small amount of product and applying it modestly to the require areas. Also dab away any excess.

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A message for the holidays…

IMG_2142webWell it seems the time has come upon us once again, where we share some quality time with family, friends and all those we hold dear to us (well not always). Christmas can be a trying time; with all the presents that need purchasing or creating and the fear that you may be missing someone out, desperately trying to avoid the holiday traffic only to find that you hit a gridlock due to an accident and organising get togethers where someone’s drunken antics get them noticed negatively,  but despite it all there always seems to a general feeling of mustered cheer and hope for a positive new year.

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